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Flipkart companions with Cleartax to help dealers with tax accounting associated services


Flipkart companions with Cleartax to help dealers with tax accounting associated services


To aid its sellers with diverse tax and accounting-related services, the Indian ecommerce large Flipkart has partnered with the online tax and investment platform, Cleartax. This partnership will help Flipkart’s sellers hook up with expert Chartered Accountants (CAs).

In an announcement, Flipkart said that the partnership with ClearTax will empower its dealers and simplify their financial submitting to concentrate on developing their companies.

Flipkart companions

In June this yr, Flipkart remodeled its dealer financing program ‘Growth Capital,’ which lets it’s one lakh plus dealers avail of boom credit scores at aggressive interest charges from NBFCs and banks.

Through the ClearTax partnership, sellers on Flipkart can now sign in for GST and avail offerings to assist them in checking in their enterprise, reporting returns, recognizing GST software for self-use, putting together and preserving money owed document earnings tax returns, and avail RoC compliance services, among a plethora of other economic benefits.

Flipkart currently has over 100,000 registered sellers and gives over 80 million products over eighty classes, such as smartphones, books, media, client electronics, furniture, style, and lifestyle.
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