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From Military Deployment To Growing A 7 Figure Online Business

Online Business

From Military Deployment To Growing A 7 Figure Online Business


In 2013, Dave Chesson had no concept he was about to embark on a 7-parent aspect business. Serving within the US Navy, he had been deployed on an unaccompanied challenge to South Korea as a naval liaison officer. There he’d work for two years away from his spouse and youngsters.

That’s while Dave set out on a direction to create an aspect income that would earn sufficient cash for him to leave the navy and be domestic with his circle of relatives. He now does not desire to miss birthdays or his youngsters’ first words.

Online Business

It changed into there that he commenced writing books on Amazon’s self-publishing platform, Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) – a straightforward manner to construct a side commercial enterprise from the other side of the sector. Using KDP, he earned over $275,000 from his books by myself.

“It wasn’t that I was an incredible writer. I just understood how to get my books in front of the right readers. It’s that know-how that made the real distinction,” he says.

Turning Experience into a Platform

But Dave didn’t stop there. From his revel in and fulfillment in advertising and marketing books, he created Kindlepreneur, a website dedicated to supporting authors sell their books.

Through his smooth-to-understand, however distinct approach, Kindlepreneur quickly became one of the most mammoth ebook marketing blogs in the world, gaining over 200,000 readers every month.

His writing on Kindlepreneur even garnered reward by Amazon’s very own Kindle Direct Publishing with the platform telling their readers to “Gain perception from Kindlepreneur on how you can optimize advertising your books….”

Knowing that lots of his readers and fellow authors don’t have a lot of time for gaining knowledge of ebook advertising, he created a podcast to help them learn on the go. He also constructed a rapidly developing YouTube channel to present authors with some visuals on unique ebook marketing strategies. Understanding that a few authors research higher on exclusive platforms, it becomes Dave’s aim to get the records out in a diffusion of ways.

He also went towards the mold and created a total unfastened video path coaching authors on how to do the Amazon Book commercials successfully. This will have been a $four hundred product for most, but for Dave, it was a way to help. “I started seeking to write a piece of writing on how to do commercials. But once I changed into already 10,000+ phrases into it, I realized it might make for a higher loose direction.” Word of the loose direction unfolded and quickly became the go-to resource of Amazon commercials.

From the popularity and growth of this work, he’s grouped up with some of his writing heroes like Ted Dekker, Orson Scott Card, Kevin T. Anderson, and more significant. “It’s been an actual dream come real using my history to assist some of the most prolific authors who’ve had an actual effect on my love for studying,” he says.
From Books to Software, the Jump to 7 figures

While Dave strived to teach authors a way to market their books better, he always had his readers ask whether or no longer there has been a tool that would do this for them. That’s while Dave Chesson had a game-changing concept.

What if he ought to bundle all of that fact inside a chunk of software program that might make ebook advertising and marketing greater powerful and efficient, for this reason giving authors more fabulous time to write down?

Partnering with Bhanuka Harischandra and Surge. Global to create his ebook advertising software program, Publisher Rocket, Dave had an excellent crew to show his concept into a reality.

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