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How HostBooks is pushing seamless GST and Accounting compliance thru Automation


How HostBooks is pushing seamless GST and Accounting compliance thru Automation


Over the final decade, the generation has amplified at an exponential fee. It has transformed how we stay our lives and how we execute our work has been even more. Technology has allowed us to trade how we manage many prime factors of business operations; Accounting isn’t any exception.


Access to accounting committed software programs acting with more complicated capabilities has made calculations more straightforward and extra green. Creating monetary facts, managing commercial enterprise finances and financial institution statements, and measuring financial interest have by no means been more accessible.

The age of the era has certainly revolutionized one of the guy’s oldest s  challenges, i.E. I am preserving a budget song.

One by using one, the traditional pen, ledger, and table calculator had been refrained from driving closer to more green processing devices. The specialized accounting software program allows quicker input and computation of records.

HostBooks, as an accounting software program, has created a lead in automation for accounting and finance. The act of manually getting into records has declined as technology made it feasible to manage bills with a single click.

The Gurgaon-based startup has channeled various factors of accounting devices onto an available online platform.

Hostbooks is an integrated All-in-One cloud-based utility that enables customers to maintain Accounting, Tax, GST, TDS, E-Way Bill, and Payroll records supplying statutory compliance and a single click on submitting provider for agencies.

Their India journey is about two years vintage, wherein they’ve introduced a large consumer base unfold throughout numerous vertical players within the marketplace, including massive business setups, MSMEs, retailers, companies, etc.

Kapil Rana, Founder & Chairman of, HostBooks, says, “In the contemporary scenario, there is a lot of guide and paperwork concerned, which lengthen the entire process of coping with an enterprise price range and affects the business enterprise in phrases in their operational charges and productivity. HostBooks is located on the principle that the smallest error can purpose trouble, together with tax penalties, information mismanagement, and hitting hard on professional recognition. It is essential to have accuracy in your computations while doing accounting paintings and having all your information controlled using computerized software, notably improving precision and decreasing the margin of errors.”

Transforming the Accounting Profession

The accounting software program has remodeled the leading conventional carrier into a quick-paced, dynamic career.

One thing of accounting that professionals dread the maximum is the tiresome project of compiling and computing statistics. An easy and geared up-to-move cloud-based gadget like HostBooks substantially reduces time spent and document-preserving charges. Security, backup, and records retrieval have benefitted considerably from cloud generation.

The GST Compliance Software

Goods and Service Tax is a nicely organized model of comprehensive indirect tax on goods and offerings applied using the Government of India. HostBooks cloud-based platform gives a whole GST answer in a single enclosure.

GST remains an ocean of data that remains noticeably unmapped — simplifying the complex tax structure commanding the Indian economy for a long time and becoming a mind-staking phenomenon.

As the multi-layered tax regime turned into easied with GST, there arrived a dire want for the software program that may lessen the strain of know-how on the new procedures for calculating tax.

Helping to conquer the impediments associated with GST billing and return submitting, a smooth import of GSTR-2A, vehicle-matching reconciliation, automatic reminders, and single sign-on authentication, HostBooks works to ditch the issues with the help of automation.

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