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Isabelle Daza Supports Household Help By Doubling Their Bank Savings Every December

Bank Savings

Isabelle Daza Supports Household Help By Doubling Their Bank Savings Every December


On Tonight With Boy Abunda, Isabelle Daza exhibits how she allows her kasambahay store cash by using doubling their savings in the bank account she opened for them on the end of the year. “It enables them to have a goal. I need to help
them attain their dreams.”

The actress additionally talks more about the kasambahay agreement that she posted on Instagram Stories final month. Upon husband Adrien Semblat’s idea, she drew up a contract list down their deliverables, key overall performance signs, and relaxation time, amongst other matters. “It protects each party. So you can’t get mad at them for forgetting your charger while it’s now not their process. I advised them, ‘Listen, I can’t hearth you just because I’m in a bad mood or I’m hungry.’”

How did their helpers react to the settlement? “They have been very touched because they didn’t sense that they deserved one.” Isabelle says, “People are scared to lose their jobs. I need them to have something in order to assist them to sleep higher at night time.”
The agreement also states that they’re entitled to relaxation days. “Tayo Nga napapagod working 5 times every week—why can we assume them to be in our house seven days per week?”
To get to know her helpers better, Isabelle also had them fill out a questionnaire about what makes them happy, what makes them sad, etc. “It’s no longer just about cash—it’s about EQ and the paintings environment. It’s about treating human beings properly and having humanity.”


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