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Lecturer in Accounting and Finance


Lecturer in Accounting and Finance


UCB are searching for folks that can contribute to the coaching of a wide variety of Accounting and Finance modules across our undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in the Business School.

Areas of specialism may additionally consist of: Auditing Theory and Practice, Taxation, Management Accounting; Cost Accounting, Accounting and Information Systems; Financial Management and Reporting; International Finance; Risk Management; Strategic Financial Management; Financial Markets and Investment.

A Finance or Accounting qualification (equal to degree degree), along side applicable professional revel in, is anticipated.

The hit candidate could be supported to adopt professional development to decorate teaching and learning, inclusive of the achievement of a regarded teaching qualification if now not already held.

Staff benefits consist of 50 days’ paid to depart consistently with 12 months, the impressive body of workers improvement possibilities, pension scheme and non-public healthcare policy.

Note for applicants:

All candidates for employment on the University will be expected to demonstrate the expertise of the principles of Safeguarding and the PREVENT agenda in the context of similar and higher training.

OBJECTIVES OF WRITING THIS ARTICLE: Forensic accounting(F.A.) has come into limelight because of the fast boom in financial frauds and white-collar crimes. But it is mostly untrodden place in India. The integration of accounting, auditing, and investigative competencies create the specialty understand as F.A.The opportunities for the Forensic Accountants are developing speedy; they’re being engaged in the free exercise and are being hired via insurance corporations, banks, police forces, government groups etc. This article seeks to have a look at the meaning and nature, sports and services rendered, middle information and personal competencies required for forensic accounting as a specialized field in an accountancy career. Indeed there is a destiny in F.A. As a separate niche consulting.

The loss of admire and perception in India’s regulation enforcement agencies and the price at which white-collar crimes have expanded has caused the development of Forensic Accounting in India. The fraud detecting organizations appear to lack time and devotion needed for detecting and prevention of errors and fraud. According to a massive global accounting company, the market is satisfactorily big enough to keep a unit committed absolutely toward “forensic accounting”. Many significant in addition to small accounting companies in addition to the small companies have inculcated or instead developed separate forensic accounting departments.

We have been of the perception that detection and prevention of frauds or white-collar crimes is a part of traditional accounting feature. It changed into the thought that the scams, both inner as well as outside, has been to detect via the auditors through their periodic audit. Now it’s miles crystal clear that auditors can best test for the compliance of a corporation’s books to typically conventional accounting principles, auditing standards, and company policies. Hence the need becomes felt to discover the frauds in companies which are suspected to be engaged in fraudulent transactions. This discipline of accounting is known as “forensic accounting.”

The litmus check of investigation first added using the ever high Sherlock-Homes(taken into consideration by means of many as the father of Forensic Accounting) is perhaps the first ever software of forensic accounting. Though, the contribution of the other few extraordinary historians to the sphere of forensic accounting cannot be overlooked. They used several hints to investigate numerous crimes.


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