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Medieval accounting tome to move on sale for £1m


Medieval accounting tome to move on sale for £1m


The tome, printed in Venice in 1494, was written using the Franciscan friar, mathematician, and friend of artist Leonardo da Vinci and consists of the primarily published description of double-access bookkeeping.

The ebook could be toured in London between the 21 and 27 February and will pass on sale in the New York branch of the public sale house for an expected $1m to $1.5m (£0.7m to £1.2m) on 12 June.

Medieval accounting

Alice Laird, the ICAEW cataloging taxonomy supervisor, stated that Pacioli’s description of double-access bookkeeping is “important in the development of the accounting profession as we comprehend it today”.

“It is very uncommon for these editions, of which ICAEW has two copies, to come back up for auction, and the anticipated guide charge reflects their international significance,” she introduced.

The textual content incorporates mathematics and computing and is also visible as a practical manual to succeed in business.

Pacioli covered all of the mathematical understanding available and a period wherein European thinkers adopted and synthesized Hindu-Arabic mathematics with rediscovered ancient Greek ideas.

The mathematician became recognized for collaborating with the artist and inventor da Vinci. The two worked together on arithmetic and angle throughout their five years dwelling together in Milan.

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