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Vestige : Spreading Wealth through Wellness

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Vestige : Spreading Wealth through Wellness


Vestige Marketing is an Indian company that started its operations in 2004, and it empowers its members with an opportunity to lead their lives on their terms. The Vestige Company offers a unique business model and has emerged as the No. 1 Indian Company on the global direct selling map. If anyone wants to change their life, you must change your shop and join the vestige plan to spread wealth through wellness.

Regarding consumer experiences, Vestige is a far better company than others, as their products are not overpriced, and the threshold purchase amount for becoming a direct seller is much lesser. Thus, we can say that the vestige plan is highly beneficial and offers excellent successful business opportunities.


Fantastic Successful Opportunities with Vestige

The vestige business plan transforms people’s lives through wellness and offers an outstanding rewarding bonus to its members for their efforts in the business. The vestige marketing plan is a cumulative plan, where the members achieve a higher level daily and never drop from the achievement group. The best part of this plan is that each member’s efforts and achievements are counted in their bonus calculations.

The Vestige marketing plan has been designed to give an equal opportunity to all its members associated with Vestige. In Vestige’s marketing plan, the members are earning in proportion to the efforts they put in. In return, they are provided excellent benefits from Vestige, like leadership bonuses and pooled income. These incomes are enhanced daily, combining the downline’s performances, which helps create more leaders in the group. When the downline becomes successful, ultimately, the leader becomes more successful.

As we all know that the starting point of any journey is knowledge. If anyone knows the path they have to travel, then the journey becomes more manageable and successful. It is straightforward to understand what is a vestige business plan. In this plan, Vestige emphasizes that after the registration process, the members must read Vestige’s marketing plan and try to understand various opportunities in the business plan which lie in front of them to fulfill their dreams.

Various Steps to Successful Entrepreneurship

There are various steps to successful entrepreneurship. When there are regular uses of products by the consumers, it is the first level of achievement that customers like and admire your products. Entrepreneurs must earn by sharing their business and enriching themselves by enriching others. When they make by sharing their products, it is said to be true that they are successful entrepreneurs. The same is the concept with the vestige plan, and there are nine ways of income in it as follows:

*Savings on Consumption: 10-20%

*Business Building: 14%

*Bronze Director Bonus: 4%

*Accumulative Performance Bonus: 5-11%

*Car Fund: 5%

* House Fund: 3%

*Leadership Overriding Bonus: 16%

*Elite Club Bonus: 2%

*Travel Fund: 5%

Outstanding Products Lists of Vestige

Vestige’s excellent product lists make it highly demanding and outstanding in customers’ eyes, attract customers, and draw their attention. These best products benefit customers, and consumers are delighted by using this wide range of products on an affordable budget. The customers highly admire the wide range of product categories, and they are benefitted a lot as they get unique types of products by Vestige as follows:

Wide Range of Product Categories

  • Health Supplements
  • Home Care
  • Personal Care
  • Health Food
  • Ayurveda
  • Water Purifier
  • Air Purifier
  • Vestige Essentials
  • Women Hygiene
  • Color Cosmetics
  • Men’s Grooming
  • Premium Skin Care Products
  • Natural Personal Care
  • Business Tools
  • Agri Products

The management teams of Vestige have the combined experiences of pioneering direct selling in the country. The professionals have turned the entrepreneurs to bring the best opportunities for them by direct selling excellent products through Vestige Company. The professional experts run various training programs in providing exceptional training, health care training or agri training, and much more training to the members or professionals working in the company to have basic skills and knowledge of the products they are selling in the market and must be able to satisfy their customers in explaining them the vestige plan in the best manner.

Essential Parameters of a Successful Business Plan

There are various essential parameters essential for a successful business plan, as follows:

  1. Cover Page: The cover page of any business plan identifies your business.
  2. Table of Contents: The table of contents organizes the information for the readers best.
  3. Executive Summary: The executive summary provides a big picture of the plan’s total view, highlighting the factors leading to success.
  4. Business Background: The skills, strengths, products, management team, training programs, achievements, and success story of the business describe the business background.
  5. Marketing Plan: The marketing plan related to the business with the market and consumers describes the marketing strategy.

Vestige’s work culture believes in happiness and positivity, as happy employees mean better productivity, and this work culture helps sustain employee enthusiasm. A positive organizational culture leads to a higher motivation level. It creates a strong and positive company culture, attracting the best-talented professionals to get the work done best.

Vestige believes that the workplace is the employees’ second home; therefore, it is the company’s duty and responsibility to provide the best facilities, comfort, and support to the employees. An environment of honesty, fairness, and equality always deserves outstanding results. Vestige delivers happiness to each individual who is associated with the organization.

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