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Online Bike Insurance Renewal: The Contactless Way


Online Bike Insurance Renewal: The Contactless Way


The recent pandemic has made social distancing a norm. It has reduced a majority of customer touchpoints in every area and sector. Bike insurance is no exception to it. Online two-wheeler insurance has picked up, and it is the new normal. It is when you should know the benefits, the documents, and the process. This article elucidates more on the contactless way to purchase two wheeler insurance online.

So here are some things to keep in mind when you go for the contactless way of online bike renewal –

The benefits of buying two-wheeler insurance online.

Purchasing a policy online ensures immediate delivery of the policy in your mailbox. Providing some basic details about your bike can help you select the coverage considering your requirements. Moreover, you have a choice of plans that can also be compared with other offerings from the same insurer and other insurance companies. Further, there is directly dealing between you and the insurance company that gives assurance at the purchase time. This is further benefited by having a secure payment mode using high levels of encryption for online purchases. Lastly, you can purchase your bike insurance plans at the convenience of your couch without having to worry about visiting multiple offices of multiple insurance companies.

What are the documents required for online two-wheeler insurance renewal?

Both private and public sector insurance companies ask for certain documents at the time of the two-wheeler insurance renewal. Here is the list of documents that shall be required –

  • Policyholder’s details like name, date of birth, address, gender, etc.
  • Driving license information about the policyholder.
  • The bike’s registration details.
  • The previous policy number.

Further, in case of a change of insurance company at the time of online policy renewal, the following additional documents shall be required.

  • Identity proof (PAN / Aadhar / Voter ID / Passport)
  • Address proof (Aadhar / Passport / Driving license / Government issued ID card)
  • Photographs of the applicant.

What are the points to remember when renewing two-wheeler insurance online?

These handy pointers can help you in seamless two wheeler insurance renewal. Let’s have a look-

  • Do not forget the renewal date. Once you miss this date, and many policy benefits are available on renewal lapse. Further, driving without insurance coverage can have a hefty fine. To avoid missing the due date and pay heed to the reminders sent by your insurance company.
  • Before renewing your policy, make sure to compare it with other available policies. This way, you can get optimum policy coverage at an affordable cost. Further, a comparison of the various plans can help you know other insurance companies’ features at a similar price range. So be wise and select a policy that meets not only your budget but also your requirements.

These are the benefits and things to remember while renewing your bike insurance online. Contactless methods of insurance renewal are the new way to purchase and renew your insurance policy. So it is best to get on with the times and learn these new ways!

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