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Pinnacol Assurance Selects Clearwater for Investment Accounting and Reporting


Pinnacol Assurance Selects Clearwater for Investment Accounting and Reporting



BOISE, Idaho–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Clearwater Analytics® announced that Pinnacol Assurance has selected Clearwater’s web-based funding accounting and reporting strategy to provide secure portfolio data, investment book-of-document accounting, and public real-time portfolio reporting.

Pinnacol affords people reimbursement coverage to more than fifty-seven 000 employers, with a scope to almost 1,000,000 people across Colorado.

Pinnacol Assurance Selects Clearwater

Pinnacol selected Clearwater after a complete evaluation system. Pinnacol diagnosed Clearwater’s modern generation combined with quality-in-elegance consumer servicing became a vast improvement over Pinnacol’s preceding model, a completely outsourced investment accounting and reporting provider. In contrast, Clearwater’s SaaS answer presents efficiency through automation and is supported by devoted operations and accounting professional teams for improved everyday strategies and daily transparency.

“We are impressed by Clearwater’s client-centered commercial enterprise version and era. Working carefully with a dedicated servicing organization who can provide an industry-huge angle on operational improvements and provide an era solution to make our tactics extra efficient, maybe a large leap forward for us,” stated Alicia Allen, Associate Vice President of Finance at Pinnacol Assurance.

“We are excited to companion with Pinnacol Assurance and broaden a protracted-lasting relationship with its accounting team. We are pleased they chose Clearwater’s advanced version for funding accounting and reporting,” stated Scott Erickson, Chief Operating Officer at Clearwater.

About Clearwater Analytics

Clearwater Analytics® is a global SaaS solution for aggregated funding statistics, reconciliation, accounting, and reporting. Clearwater helps thousands of agencies maximize their funding portfolio information with a global-elegance product and purchaser-centric servicing. Clearwater completely supplements center- and lower-back-workplace solutions like exchange affirm/affirm, patron billing, composite management, consumer statements, and more.

Each day, the Clearwater solution reports on extra than $3 trillion in property for clients that include Arch Capital, Cisco, CopperPoint Mutual Company, C.V. Starr & Co., Facebook, J.P. Morgan, Knights of Columbus Insurance, Mutual of Omaha, Oracle, Starbucks, Unum Group, WellCare Health Plans, Wilton Re., and plenty of others.

Since its founding in 2004, Clearwater has supplied a cloud-native solution that allows buyers to make the most of their information. Investment specialists in more than 25 nations agree with Clearwater to provide well-timed, established funding facts and in-intensity reporting.

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